Are You Looking To Advertise On Facebook?

No one goes onto Facebook with the sole goal of buying products or signing up for services, but with over 214 million users in the U.S., your potential customers are certainly on the social media platform.  By running Facebook Ads, many businesses (Chiropractic clinics, Cosmetic Surgeons, Dentists, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Investors, etc…) can acquire new leads for their business.

The Tired Old Way Of Running Facebook Ads

When it comes to running ads on Facebook, most people use the same old process:

  • Create something to giveaway
  • Put something to giveaway on Landing Page
  • Run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to Landing Page to promote giveaway

The goal is to get people into their sales funnel and bombard them with emails until they ‘buy or die’.

Here are just a few problems with this antiquated approach:

  • Great deal of competition on Facebook and most are using this same approach (therefore tough to stand out)
  • Only targeting people who are in market and ready to take action, which limits your potential audience
  • EBooks, video funnels, white papers, etc… take too long to read and don’t immediately provide a solution to their problem
  • The opt in experience isn’t memorable enough for people to remember opting in or recognize your emails
  • The average person receives 121 emails per day and, if you don’t stand out, many of those emails go unread

Ultimately, this philosophy is only going after people who are ready to take action.  But how many of your potential customers on Facebook would benefit more from learning more about what you have to offer before being asked to make a decision?

After all, you don’t take someone who walks into your office and immediately put a contract in front of them, do you?  Why would anyone think this approach on Facebook would work too?

Not Selling But Sorting

Imagine you’re an Insurance Agent selling Life Insurance (though, for this example, you could just as easily be a Cosmetic Surgeon, Dentist, or Chiropractor) and you have a chance to speak in front of 100 random people who fit your demographics (for this example, let’s say these are  people 35-55 years old, married, parents, and making more than $35,000 per year).

Despite the fact that these people fit your demographics, it’s still a very broad audience and based on the info above, you really have no idea if they already have insurance or are even remotely interested in your service.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sort those in the audience by those who have even the slightest bit of interest in Life Insurance from those who aren’t interested or already have Life Insurance?  Wouldn’t that make your marketing much more efficient?

This ‘sorting’ process is known as audience building in Facebook.

The New Way Of Advertising On Facebook

To recap, our goal of running Facebook ads is NOT to put an offer in front of a cold market and expect them to take the desired call to action.  Instead, you’re new goal is to build a specific audience by sorting out those within your broad demographics who have an interest in learning more about your product or service!

Here is the new way of running Facebook Ads:

Ad triggers is the part of the process where you get people to ‘raise their hands’ to show interest in what you have.  The easiest and most effective way of doing this is by creating a video, using the ‘video views’ objective in Facebook, gauging how long they watch the video, and moving them down the Facebook Funnel based on their action.

For example, with my company, I created a slide show video that’s almost 90 seconds long.  I like to use slide show videos that show text because only 85% of people will listen to a video.  However, there are many other ways of creating a video that will work as well.

Then, through Facebook, I can track the number of people who watch the following amount of my video:

  • 3 second
  • 10 seconds
  • 25% view
  • 50% view
  • 75% view
  • 95% view
  • 100% view

Remember earlier when we discussed how awesome it would be to be able to sort those who are even slightly interested in your product and service from those who aren’t interested or already have it?  This ad trigger process is designed to sort.

Do you think if someone watches 50% or more of a 90 second video that they may have interest in learning more?

Through Facebook, you can actually create custom audiences based on how long they’ve watched a video and you can use a series of these customeaudiences to create a Facebook Sales Funnel!

After someone has triggered an interest in what you have to say (based on how long they’ve watched the video), then we can start a series of ads designed to educate, motivate, and provide credibility.  This process can be a 3-5 day series of ads using the ‘brand awareness’ objective in Facebook.  In this step, you’re not selling but providing simple information about who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique.  You can provide the following types of ads:

  • Image ad describing your service
  • Image ad or video ad describing what makes you unique
  • Image ad of any awards you’ve won
  • Image ad / video ads of customer testimonials
  • Images ad with motivational quotes

The point is to get people more familiar with you and your services without you asking them to buy or make an appointment.

Now that you’ve sorted out your broad audience into a more targeted audience and educated while providing credibility, you’re finally ready to ask them to make an appointment or buy your product or service.

The best way to do generate leads in this part of the funnel is using the ‘conversions’ objective in Facebook.  This means setting up pixels and custom conversions, but the advantages of using Facebooks machine learning the extra implementations well worth it!

In this part, you’re now targeting your ‘warm’ audience of interested people and asking them to visit your website to take the desired call to action.  You can use image ads and video ads.

NOTE: I don’t recommend advertising any promotions, specials, discounts, or prizes in this step.  If you’re goal is an in-office consultation, then make the pitch on why they should come into your office.

This is the last step and is targeted for those who’ve gone thru the previous 3 steps and haven’t performed the desired call to action yet.  The goal of this final step is to make your best offer, where you tell them briefly why they should use your product and service and then provide a final incentive for them to take action.  If you’re a Cosmetic Surgeon who offers a monthly discounted promotion, this is the step where you mention it.

I recommend using the ‘lead generation’ objective in Facebook for this final step of the process.  ‘Lead generation’ is different than the ‘conversion’ objective as with the LG objective, you never leave the Facebook platform.  Rather, the customer clicks ‘sign up’ and a pop up box shows up with their information already populated.  Opt in percentages in this step are typically very high and having this as the last step of your Facebook conversion funnel will greatly help you maximize your overall conversions potential.

Sinova Solutions Facebook Ads Services

At Sinova Solutions, we don’t use the tired old boring method of running ‘call to action’ ads to a cold market for the purpose of lead generation.  Rather our goal is to create an audience of interested people, take them through a funnel of service education, and finally make an offer.  This long-term remarketing strategy will allow you to not only generate highly qualified leads at a competitive rate, but also improve your appointment show rate and your overall customer acquisition conversion (i.e., we’ll get you more educated & motivated customers who are more likely to purchase your service).

We provide the following services:

  • All required pixels placements & conversion tracking

  • Integration with your existing CRM (or we can help you find a good CRM platform)

  • Avatar & Custom Audience Building & Creation

  • Graphic Design for Facebook Ads

  • Video Creation / Editing for Facebook Ads

  • Landing Page Optimization (so your ads will convert on your landing page)

  • Copy-Writing Services

  • Continuous management & reporting

If you’re a smaller business and don’t require a monthly service, we can simply set up your ads process through our Onboarding Campaign.


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