id you know that the average non Certified Google Partner wastes around 25% of their budget? Our Google AdWords Audit is designed to help make your campaign more efficient, effective, and profitable for you by generating more highly qualified customers for your business!

A person looking at Google on their laptop

Some of what we’ll do on our Google AdWords audit:

  • Campaign structure – analysis of how you’ve broken down your campaigns, ad sets, and ads
  • Campaign settings – location, time of day, device, etc… optimization
  • Keyword clusters – are you ad sets too broad
    Ads – are the ads effective
  • Extensions – are all potential ad extensions being utilized
  • Phone Calls – are there opportunities for phone calls that are being lost
  • Remarketing – are you remarketing / doing it effectively
  • Quality scores – are you doing everything to optimize your quality score

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Are you getting the most out of your Google Ads campaign? Let our experts perform a complimentary, NO obligation audit of your account to see what’s working & where you could be generating more leads!