Are You Looking To Stand Out?

At Sinova Solutions, we can edit existing videos or create new motion graphic videos / slide show videos to help you catch the attention of your potential customer on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Subtitled Videos

Did you know that only 15% of people on Facebook & LinkedIn will actually listen to a video? If you have an important message in your video, 85% will miss out on it unless you have subtitles.


At Sinova Solutions, our team of professional video editors can brand your video, add a title, transcribe it, and add subtitles in a way that will put you in the best position to gain attention of your target market.


This type of video works best if you want to share information on an important topic, tell a story, demonstrate how to do something, answer frequently asked questions, or any situation where you want to talk to your audience.

Motion Graphic Videos

A motion graphic video is a video that tells a story with animation and has a voice over. These types of videos are best to be used on a website rather than advertising.

Slide Show Videos with Motion Graphics

A slideshow videos is another great option to use for ads on Facebook and LinkedIn to build a remarketing audience or generate leads. Many people like this type of video because they don’t have to be in front of a camera.


In this type of video, we have a motion background and overlay the video with text. For a top of funnel videos, we can create a 60+ second video. For a call to action video, we will keep to under 15 seconds.

Graphic Design

At Sinova Solutions, we can help you with your digital marketing graphic design needs. We can create images for your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages, and any type of marketing or remarketing ads.


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