Are You Looking To Get Found At The Top Of Page One On Google?

One of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing this century has been Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. And why not? What business wouldn’t want a customer searching for a problem finding their company at the top of the list for solutions!

Unfortunately, with over 1.24 billion websites in the world, it’s a little hard to get yours to stand out in the search engines without paying for it.

That is where Pay Per Click Marketing on Google Ads comes in!

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What Is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing using Google Ads is the best way for customers searching for a product or service you offer to find you!

Google Ads allows you to:

  • Advertise your local business in the exact zip codes or radius from a location where you want to be found

  • Reach people during your specific hours of operations

  • Attract customers by driving clicks to your site and/or generating phone calls

  • Remarket to those who click but don’t contact you

  • Achieve maximum budget control (increase or decrease spend on a daily basis)

What Is Involved In Running A Google Ads Campaign?

The following are just some of the necessary tasks required to run a Google Ads campaign:

  • Keyword Set Up – researching which search terms will lead to your ideal customer finding you

  • Negative Keyword Set Up – elimination of keywords not relevant to your product or services

  • Bids – understanding how to bid on keywords & which keywords to bid on to get your ads to show

  • Tracking – installing conversion tracking pixels so you can tell which keywords and ads are generating leads

  • Copy Writing – creating the verbiage necessary to explain what you’re doing and motivating someone to click on your link (in 80 characters or less)

Don’t Let Wasteful PPC Ad Spend Hurt Your Business…

Google Ads is NOT a ‘set it and forget it’ platform. Once the campaign is set up, then there is extensive management required to see which keywords are showing and not showing, adjusting bids, creating negative keywords to eliminate wasteful spending, and finding out which ad copy is working and which is not! These tasks can be exhaustive to those without experience on the Google Ads platform.

Why Use Sinova Solutions For Google Ads?

Here are some good reasons to outsource your Google Ads PPC needs to Sinova Solutions:

  • Our team is a Certified Google Partner, meaning we have completed required training, spent required budget, passed certification exams and have consistently adhered to Google’s Quality & Performance metrics.

  • ROI & Growth Company exclusively focused on generating Leads (web forms and phone calls) for small businesses.

  • Industry leading Analytics, Tracking & Reporting Services.

  • Call overflow & answering service programs available to help you capture the leads we create without having to hire additional employees.

  • High Quality Level of Customer Service.


If you are new to marketing and would like to learn more about whether or not Google Ads is right for your business, what your budget potential is, and what you can expect your cost to acquire a new lead to be, please complete the form below and we can discuss!